Solar System is made up of the sun, eight planets, moon and gazillion stars. Learning about planets, their features and how they rotate around sun is amazing.

Almost every child is fascinated by stars, sun and planets and they love making solar system projects with different shaped planets and a big sun at the centre.

One search on google and you will find thousands of solar system crafts and 3D models. Some of them might be easy to make while others bit more technical and require whole lot of stuff.

In this  post, I am sharing easiest Solar System Crafts & 3D Model which kids can make with whatever is available at home.

Easiest Solar System for Kids – Project 1

This colorful solar system craft of ours has gained quite popularity and love on Instagram and Facebook.


  • Cardboard/cereal box
  • Colorful yarn/thread
  • Shoe box/cereal box
  • Black & white poster colors
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape

Step 1: Open the cereal box from one side. If you have taken shoe box, it will already have one side open.

Step 2: Paint the box black

Step 3: Spray white color by tapping the paint brush to give the sky a starry look.

Step 4: Cut 9 circles of different sizes from cardboard/another cereal box. Mind the shape of Jupiter and sun should be the biggest.

Step 5: Wrap colorful yarns/threads around each planet and stick end with tape. Keep the biggest circle yellow for Sun.

Step 6: Cut 9 strands of yarn/thread of different sizes.

Step 7: Stick the planets with yarn to the box as shown in pictures.

Easiest Solar System for kids

Easy colorful hanging 3D solar system project is ready!!

Easiest Solar System for Kids – Project 2

This type of solar system can be made by kids themselves and as young as 4 year old can make it and you just need 3 items.


  • Black sheet of paper
  • White pencil color/crayon
  • Pom poms

Step 1: Draw orbits on black paper

Step 2: Place pom pom (stick if you want or leave free so the child can ove planets along the orbits)

Ta da.. easiest solar system model is ready.

Easiest Solar System for kids

In this model, the child can move the pom pom planets on their respective orbits and it will become an awesome Montessori activity at home.

Let them choose the colors of pom pom and allow them to change the color of planets too.. we did that too 😉

Solving Solar System puzzles is exciting and an excellent workout for brain cells too. Start with easy few pieces puzzles then move on to more complex puzzles.


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How did you like my easy peasy Solar System Crafts for Kids?

Which one are you going to try with your kid – Project 1 or 2?

If you found these ideas helpful and practical, please do share with other friends who might find it useful too.

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13 thoughts on “Easiest Solar System for Kids

  1. Oh I don’t need to really sit with my daughter and do this. She has already made one and we hung it up on the wall. She used a blue painting for the background and stuck different size balls on them.

  2. I loved both the ideas..they are easy yet interesting to make.. My daughter had this project and to be very frank I struggled.. I so wish that I should have seen your blog earlier.

  3. Wow …this is a great and fun way for kids to learn about the solar system. Thanks, I will try with my little one !!

  4. This is such an adorable activity and easy DIY . We love doing DIY so i will definitely try this one . I love that it can be so much fun .

  5. wow 😍. this is so cool. Very very creative and fun with Learning too. adorable activity and easy DIY. Thanks

  6. My son simply loves solar system and for him everything has to be in that theme…. his books, clothes and even we did his bday celebration in the same theme. I had also made solar system out of clay for him.

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