Diwali is one festival for which everyone waits eagerly, be it adults of kids. Diwali means celebrations and get together and lighting and sweets and happiness everywhere. We all start Diwali preparations from almost a month prior which includes extensive cleaning, soring stuff, organizing and decorations.

Due to the pandemic this year, the celebrations will be limited and restricted to fewer people. Many of us are unable to travel to be with families on this biggest and most auspicious time of the year.

The Diwali celebrations this year will be limited with own family members only, which is discouraging and definitely lets down the festive spirit of kids, who wait to meet and greet everyone Diwali wishes.

How to celebrate Diwali at Home with Kids?

House Cleaning

Diwali is the best time to get rid of useless stuff and find some long lost treasures, and clean all those difficult corners once a year. Start cleaning few weeks prior so that you are not tired by the time it’s Diwali and best way is to show kids the importance of cleaning, hygiene and organization and request them to co-operate and participate.

Read logical reasons to deep clean on Diwali shared by MeenalSonal

Dressing Up at home

Not going out definitely does not mean not dressing up for the festival and Laxmi poojan. Remember “Diwali is the symbol of victory of good over evil.”

So fight your inner demons and bring out positivity and get all decked up with bright colored clothes. 

Make sweets at home

Since the number of guests and ordering outside sweets is limited this Diwali season, so try to make sweets, mithai, laddoos, kheer, halwa at home. In case you are not expert in making mithai like your mom, try simplest sweets besan laddoo or suji halwa and youtube will come for your rescue. Employ your little helpers to double the fun.

Diwali Crafts & Activities

What would be best way to engage kids this festive season other than doing some Interesting Diwali Crafts at home! The kids are the reasons festival become more lively.

DIY Diwali Home Decor is best way to decorate the house and engage the kids.

Reading some Diwali story books or trying out activity books will lift up festive mood. There are Peppa Pig books based on Diwali too on Amazon for your Peppa fan kid.


 *   *   *   *

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Home Decor

Though we are not going out and no one is visiting us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t decorate our home, it’s still Diwali after all, let’s clean and decorate the home for ourselves. Some easy last minute Diwali decoration ideas will be useful.

Let the happiness prevail and don’t let the virus lower down our morale and festive spirits. Fight the dark evil with handmade DIY Glitter Lamps with just 2 items and lighten up the home (video below).

Handmade Gifts

Gifting friends and family members is a tradition of sharing happiness. Since shopping options are limited, try making handmade gifts at home with what is available already.

Encourage kids to try these Popsicle Photo Frames (video below) and they will love the festive season.


Diwali is incomplete without colorful Rangoli in the house. A lot of us have limited space and some other constraints for doing Rangoli on floor, download below 8 rangoli patterns and kids can color them and place near Pooja place or near entrance door.

Diwali Printable

Tips to color Rangoli Printables:

  • Let kids use any color(s) of their choice
  • Use crayons, pencil colors, water colors etc.
  • Use rangoli colors, if you have
  • Decorate with glitter glue or glittery powder


Greeting Cards

Festivals are the best occasions to spread love and happiness and share with loved ones. Greeting Cards are the best least expensive way of doing the same. Motivate kids to make Diwali Greetings at home (a Greeting printable in included). 

Check this interesting app to engage kids in storytelling shared by Noor.

Some more Easy Diwali Art & Craft Ideas.

If you found this post and printables useful, don’t forget to share and spread Diwali Greetings among all feeling low stuck inside this festive season.

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7 thoughts on “How to celebrate Diwali at home with kids? Free Printables

  1. A lovely way to pep up the spirits this Diwali. I was very sad when my daughter said she isn’t coming home. It’s going to be a lonely Diwali for me..But then I made lots of goodies and distributed to my friends..p[ainted many diyas and will also do the puja to keep the spirit of Diwali alive. Love the glitter jars for the candles..I am going to make some tomorrow.Happy Diwali to you and ur family 🙂

  2. love the ideas, i have written a post on the same topic too and we have almost similar points 🙂 i wish u a very happy Diwali to u and your family 🙂

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