With the festive season around the corner, selecting a gift is a tough job especially for a kid, today mostly kids have the regular generic plus special toys already in their possession, and every parent and kid have particular preference in dresses…. SO WHAT TO GIFT A KID ??

Here are some gender neural gift ideas for kids. Reason I say GENDER NEUTRAL is gone are the days when girls only played with dolls and kitchen sets; and boys only wanted cars and trucks.

Today both boys and girls have a variety of interests ranging from cooking, singing, dancing to construction, sports etc. and more parents are focusing on raising with GENDER EQUALITY perspectives!! BRAVO!!

Be it a boy or girl, he/she needs to learn the Basic Life Skills irrespective of the body form.. and needs to rise above such boundation.

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So presenting few great gender-unbiased gift ideas :

  1. BOOKS

Books anytime are the best gifts for a young mind. The more they read, the more they learn. Reading books is good  for physical and mental health. Some story books are classic and are always loved.

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Some age-appropriate books to gift a child are:

  • Touch and feel books for 0-6 months old
  • Picture books for 6 months to 2 year old
  • Lift-the-flap or Pull-the-flap books for 1-2 years old
  • Story books and Board books for all ages
  • Best-seller or not-so popular yet interesting books
  • Age appropriate sound, activity, sticker, coloring, picture books
  • Regional and religious stories in different languages
  • General knowledge and facts/science books as per age




Along with the regular kitchen and doctor sets, a lot of more options are also available these days for enhancing imagination and understanding of day-to-day life skills by pretend-play. A girl should also know to fix a nail and a boy should also learn to cook and take care of a baby too.

  • Grocery Sets/Cashier Kit
  • Cooking Sets
  • Tools Kits
  • Construction Sets
  • Shopping Trolley
  • Baby/doll pram
  • Baby Care Sets





A superb gift for curious minds to explore and find out about more surroundings, space etc.



According to the age, children love the challenges thrown at them, and so puzzles and board games give just the right food their brain needs to improve logical reasoning and problem solving.




Arts and crafts are no more considered as wastage of time, instead are added in the earlier  STEM education and made it STEAM with A for ARTS. Also gone are the days when arts and crafts was only for girls. There are so many skills that a child gains through crafts like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.

Some commonly popular crafts toys we can gift a child are Paper Quilling, Sand Art, Rock Painting, Candle Making, Clay Dough, etc.

Creative and artistic toys enhance overall brain development, boost memory and motor skills, foster problem-solving skills and creativity.

Every child should be introduced to arts and crafts and these type of toys really come handy and useful, where parents can just hand them over to child to explore and learn.




Reason these come at bottom of my list is these are again depending on child’s interest. However some common music instruments like casio or drum are fine and flute or guitar if we know would interest the child.

Similarly regular sports equipments like tennis or badminton kits or cricket bat would be fine or any other sport in particular if we are sure of.

What more “gender-neutral” gifts you would like to add to the list? 

Do share in comments.

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18 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Awesome ideas. My favorite is telescope or binoculars. I never thought of it. Board games or books have always been my favorite or these days, I prefer giving Gift Cards.

  2. I really liked your gifting ideas and options. The list was intensive and well thought out. I am also going to follow you on Pinterest to check out your other posts and ideas.

    • I will choose books any day and any time. Pretend play toys also become a challenge because even if their son loves to cook, the parents will get offended if we gift him a tea set or a kitchen set.

  3. We have the read the entire series of Dr Suess 2 times over and I totlly recommend this book to anyone looking at engaging in a fun way with their tiny tots.

  4. These are some great gifting ideas. I lived them all but the most I liked is binoculars and telescope.. Most of the time I have gifted books or board games now I can try something new.

  5. Books and Puzzle boards are my all time favourite .. but honestly I liked the idea of binoculars and telescopes.. great suggestion.. infact I am curious to buy from my son as Santa’s gift

  6. I really find it difficult for many time selecting gifts, this is an impressive list. I too try to get gifts which are helpful for both.

  7. Books are my absolute favourite thing to gift to anyone especially kids I think it’s a great way to get them interested in books and reading and the hole beautiful word of stories

  8. Amazing gift ideas..and yes we should choose gender-neutral gifts and interchange them as well. Why can’t girls choose toy cars? My grandson loves the kitchen set I gave him. So there..we need to make the right choice.

  9. Such a brilliant list of amazing gift ideas to be given around Christmas I really like the art and craft ideas along with the other features to neutral gifting is always a hit for me

  10. Books are always in top when it comes to gifting kids. After that musical instruments which I also keep as an option.

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