Summers are just round the corner, and the schools will soon be closing.. and with it arrives every parents’ fears… how to keep kids busy? how to entertain them? how to make them stay indoors (well, atleast try) ? and most important.. how to save our sanity????

The most difficult part of a summer vacation is finding a solution to – “i am bored”.. “what to do” .. “can i go out now (when temperature is closing to 50 degrees) ?” and when this goes on round the clock, surviving becomes a real struggle.

The stress is even more with preschoolers with limited socializing options and less number of activity classes or summer camps. And it’s super duper difficult and close to impossible to keep calm with these rolling energy balls on the roll!!

So in such situation, few simple colorful activity sheets, with every toddler’s favorite DINOSAURS on them, can come handy.

These will enhance mathematical skills like addition, counting. Logical skills like identifying different dinosaurs. Fine motor skills with coloring within boundaries.

Dino Activity Sheets

It’s sometimes the most convenient way, to say the least, to just hand-over a set of activity sheets and get some “peaceful” time.. or the minimum,.. sip a coffee while it’s still hot..

Download Activity Sheet Printables for FREE here.

The last one “Get to Know my Hometown” is where we can encourage kids to think on their own what they know and remember about the city they live in or their hometown if they are living in any other city. Or just capture or draw any city they visited in vacation.. Let them pour in their thoughts and creativity!

Did you find these activity sheets useful?

Do drop a line in comments with your views and suggestions.

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Dinosaur Activity Sheets - Free Printables

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15 thoughts on “Dinosaur Activity Sheets for Preschoolers- Free Printables

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for making these awesome activity sheets. I will download them for sure!

  2. I’m definitely printing these activity sheets. karma loves dinosaurs and these are something toddlers of all ages can enjoy!

  3. Colourful pictures have always attracted kids and with Dono activity sheets ,is a perfect way to keep your little one engaged in indoor activities.

  4. These activities are interesting and fun for toddlers. I am sure my son would love them too.

  5. wow it really great for kids. Will definitely try this out for my son. I know he will love this too.

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