On the occasion of World Kindness Day, 13th November, I would not mention the theoretical, non-practical, political statements about showing kindness to other humans and animals etc.

Instead, I would just like to quote “Be Kind to Yourself by Being Kind to Others”.

I am sure we all know what is Kindness and why we all should be Kind. But few of us realize and understand how to show kindness with small practical behaviors in everyday life.

The word “Kindness” is a bunch of emotions/gestures/actions which are not that difficult to follow if we understand the practical application of them in our daily lives.

In this article on World Kindness Day, I would like to throw light on some of the concepts which if we include in our character, will spread kindness and make world a better place to live in!!

When we change our perspective and psychology, we will realize the difference in others’ behaviors too. And also set a moral imitable personality for our kids to look upto!

Stop Judging: Most of us have a habit of Judging everyone we come across on the basis of what we see or what we think and assume it as our right to label anyone without any consideration or further investigation.

The worst thing you can do to a human is judging them without giving a single benefit of doubt.

STOP JUDGING as you don’t know:

  • The reason behind someone’s act – his/her thoughts/ knowledge/ intentions.
  • The mental or physical state the fellow person is in.
  • The consequences of your action – which might be quite disturbing, even devastating at times, for the other.

Let me give an example; when you quote a mother for not keeping her house clean or label her as “messy”; you clearly have no idea about how it is to manage chores with an active baby around; you have not even thought once how much tired she would be that she didn’t clear the room; you didn’t even bother to give her a benefit of doubt that she might have collected the toys for million times before giving up and letting her baby enjoy his childhood.

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Show Empathy: Going beyond your limits and helping someone is not always possible and not even required always.

Just few words of empathy are enough to raise a losing person’s moral, cheer up a disappointed fellow, energize a hard- worker, encourage a failing student, instigating hope in a depressed individual.. And “WORDS DON’T COST”!!

Be Considerate: Not everyone is lucky to possess good health, wealth, opportunities, guidance, and access to appropriate information.

Simply APPRECIATING THE EFFORTS and being considerate for the actions is enough to spread Kindness and Love.

For example, a restaurant waiter might lose his job for dropping soup on your expensive designer dress. For you, dress is more important, but for his family- it’s his job. FORGIVING will not be that difficult if you consider his plight.

Don’t forget, those tiny eyes are watching you!!

In today’s world, there is enough hatred around. We need Kindness, Empathy and Love.

Spread Love Not Hatred!

As parents, it’s our responsibility to inculcate these feelings in our kids. Young minds are adaptive and they follow and learn what they see. Setting examples by doing will give them lessons they won’t forget whole life, rather than plain meaningless hollow words.

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Kids will have kindness in their hearts when they realize their parents and other adults in their life are kind and empathetic to others. They understand others’ problems and help them instead of behaving rudely with them.

Kindness and Empathy are the most valuable virtues of humankind, the soul of their existence, which are at the verge of extinction. Raise KIND KIDS and save this species from vanishing from this planet!!



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25 thoughts on “How to Raise Kind Kids

  1. I agree… Academics can be taught and will be taught but addressing these critical skills are much more important than ever. Be empathetic and non judgemental is the key to humanity

  2. Yes, the world will be a better place if every one of us acquired the value of kindness. This was such a warm post…we need to read such positive messages! Of course, inculcating empathy and kindness at a young age is the key!

  3. Kindness is really missing in today’s world. There is a lot of hatred around. So you are right, we need to raise kind kids and show them that by being kind ourselves and not judging anyone or making casual comments about anyone.

  4. I loved this post.. it’s all about how we behave..kids just pick the same up for themselves.. their learning is our learning as well.

  5. Want this post in RED splashed all over the internet! More than kindness we need Empathy Kinshoo. When my husband passed away there was so much pity but no empathy at all. Whether it was family or my so-called friends, they were never there to lend a shoulder. If I had begged for help they wud have pitied me and given me alms. After that they would broadcast that tot he world saying they helped out a poor widow.But I didnt do that.I I kept my self-respect intact and moved on but then there was no one by my seide.

  6. Kindness is very easy to practice yet very hard to keep up when it comes to humans… I see more judgmental people around especially when it comes to women. And sorry to say I find women being more judgemental towards each other. It’s like rather raising each other we love to put others down… And kids learn tbe same…

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