SCHOOLS will be starting soon and trust me, I am anxiously waiting for the school to re-start. July has been the longest month of my life. Entertaining my son has never been so difficult!! Still one more month to go! Phew!! 

With all the routine and schedule thrown out of the window during school vacations and laziness crept in the deepest of body cells, my worst nightmares now are:

How will we wake up early in the morning again?

How to Re-organize school stationary and back to school projects!!

Get back to the reading and writing schedules!!

Are you also anxious or is it just me who is going paranoid!

My mommy-brain plays games with me and my memory has gone for a toss… so much that I won’t even remember that I went to kitchen to drink water and went to bathroom to brush teeth. So I have lately started making lists on mobile and stick-notes in my kitchen.. still chances are that I miss few things.

Now with little one starting school, I don’t want to miss out on anything and so I have prepared a complete exhaustive check-list of what all needs to be checked and to-buy before school starts.


Here I am sharing my BACK TO SCHOOL CHECK-LIST with you all worried and clue-less parents, as I understand it’s not easy especially for working or busy parents and parents of multiple kids.. !! Truly feel you!

Download FREE Printable Back-to-School Checklist here


This handy and elaborate checklist might be a life-saver in preparing for back-to-school mission. Now checklist is done, time for shopping, deals, getting the stuff and organizing the study table and student cupboard.

Checking off items from lists gives a sense of achievement and we can be sure of not missing out on anything important… Some stress-free back-to-school organization tips might come handy.


Planning has never seemed so important and daunting.. family planners, meal planners, preparing for snacks beforehand, organized stationary station, setting up kids cupboard to avoid hassle of hunting uniform shorts and socks every morning.


Stocking up on favorite quality color pencils, crayons, poster colors, (given above the links of our favorite colors) and other stationary items is better and we can utilize some Back-to-school online and in-store deals as well.

Another major worry is always getting back to the routine.. waking up super early, finishing morning business on time, and especially having breakfast so early in morning is most difficult. Few back-to-school hacks and printable for getting kids back to routine before school starts will be helpful and save sanity.

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While setting up routine, we need to include reading in the list as well. After a long vacation and gala fun time, starting reading and getting back to books might be boring. Few DIY back to school tips & tricks for organization  can actually make the switch easier.

Stocking up books and notebooks in separate labeled boxes or holders can be inviting And to get kids excited about books and reading, I am providing 6 patterns of FREE PRINTABLE BOOKMARKS, which can be downloaded below. You may stick these to cereal box cut outs for sturdiness.

Download FREE Printable Back-to-School Bookmarks here


Getting back to reading habit is very important. Starting some interesting story books can be a good idea. Keeping these cute printable bookmarks in the books will be an invitation to read.


Learning and back to school should not be like a chore, but children should be excited and motivated to start new chapter in school life. 

Download and print the check-list and bookmarks and start on a new journey.

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  1. This checklist is so useful …I can say for sure if a school is going to start we need to get this checklist!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is going to be so helpful for all the parents to have this checklist handy. I am saving it for sure.

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