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With most families turning into nuclear set-up, parents are opting for single child so that they can take care of him/her and being able to fulfill needs, spend on education and hobby classes in a better way.

Raising multiple kids can be over-demanding, in today’s time, and stressful considering factors like both parents are working, have limited financial resources, with little or no help at home for kids and chores.

However, these factors affect the child and build his/her personality accordingly. Though the single child develops stronger bond with parents, sometimes they still miss having a sibling.

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Survey shows, Growing up, they regret having a trusted playmate like those with siblings have. Siblings fight & argue, still support and stand for each other. The sibling love is undefinable. 

Another study shows, Kids with siblings are more tolerant, dutiful and emotionally stable. Of course they become matured when they get younger brother/ sister and are expected to be more responsible.

Well, about the characteristics of a single child will always be a debatable topic. Because not all single kids are spoiled, self-centered or over-sensitive. These behavioral patterns differ with individuals and their parenting.

This RAKSHABANDHAN, I want to thank my parents for providing me a younger brother. Growing up with him has been an amazing journey of my life.

We used to fight over tv remote, who is loved more by mom dad, why he will always get more gifts than and why my wishes are always fulfilled .. well the list is quite long.

Photo by Jenn Evelyn-Ann on Unsplash

But we were a team also and had divided chores between us, like he will polish my school shoes and I will iron his school uniform; he will cover my books & copies and I will help in his science diagrams. That’s a superb Teamwork!! 

We both have always been protective for each other. When he started schools, he used to come running to me in lunch breaks. And when he grew taller, actually tooo taller than me (I am 5ft and he is 6ft), I used to depend on him.

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Growing up with him, I realized, I am emotional, protective and sensitive for him. Even mom dad were not allowed to scold him in front of me, let anyone else even touch him. Also he made me more responsible, as I was the one to take care of him in school, park and when we were home alone. Instead of playing with friends in lunch break recklessly, I started involving him in our games. 

Till date I treat him like little brother, though he is married now. I am so happy that my son adores him totally.

May God always protect you and bless you & your family. 

Lucky to have you Bhai. Thanks mom & pops!

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Are kids with Siblings more emotionally stable

What are your thoughts on this? 

Do you think siblings have an impact in behavior and character?

Do share your views in comments.

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14 thoughts on “Are kids with Siblings more Emotionally Stable!

  1. So nice to read about your special bond with your brother. I am a single child and trust me not selfish and pampered!! 😉 I somehow never missed having a sibling but yes I know it’s one of the most beautiful relationships you have!!

  2. Totally nostalgic 🙂 I could visualize those days with my younger sister and how I told my parents not to scold at her :p
    I have friends who have single kid and two kids too. The single kid usually feels lonely and feels the urge to have some close sibling to fight or sleep with every night. It is different for everyone.
    #WeeklyBloghop #bloghop #GWNxMG

  3. Well, it’s a personal choice to make for every couple but yes, by giving their older one a sibling is a gift of a lifetime. Today, when there is a big shift in the society and the way People’s thinking has changed, having someone you fe connected to on emotional level, with whom there is no space for formality, is truly a blessing.

  4. Great thought, my brother is my greatest support. I always thought of having a single child but now as i have two i love to see them bond over small things and similarly even fight for them

  5. This is such a cute post, Kinshoo & I am sure your brother must be so touched after reading this. I have seen single children being overly selfish & siblings going against each other during the difficult times and also the opposite of these so I really can’t say what is better. I am a single child, though I never missed a sibling I believe that every relationship has its own value.

  6. I’m a single child but sometimes do miss having that special bond with a sibling. I see that bond develops in my two boys although. Lovely post especially when Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, the best gift for your brother.

  7. I am truly blessed to have a sibling. It was lovely to read about your bond with your brother. I have an older brother, and he has always been my hero.

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