Year 2020 has been the most shocking year of entire humankind. No human ever would have imagined to live an entire year under constant stress, fear, paranoia, struggles that don’t seem to be ending soon.

Yet Year 2020 has been an year with maximum number of innovative ideas and developments in order to survive and succeed.

Year 2020 has been an year where every human on the face of earth has been praying and hoping for the SAME THINGEnd of this Pandemic!!

Year 2020 has been an year which witnessed maximum acts of kindness and benevolent gestures amongst all races/religions in all countries.

Year 2020 has been an year where we all came together to pay respect and owe our survival to the ones we named as COVID WARRIORS and FRONTLINE WARRIORS!! Humankind will forever by indebted to them.

Year 2020 has been an year when every single soul on earth realized the importance of being grateful and thankful to what we have.

Giving and Gratitude Community Foundation of Western Nevada

In the Year 2020, we all  had our share of challenges and struggles, and so did us. My family member got affected by Corona virus, but by God’s grace and merci and tireless efforts of medical team, they recovered and are fine now. My husband started working from home because of worldwide lockdown, and was working 15-16 hours a day on an average with no time limitations or fixed schedule of eating or sleeping, including the stress of job insecurity and reduced salary. My outdoor loving son who is absolutely social person was entrapped in one bedroom flat and forced to attend online classes. I had to manage kid, chores, cooking, online schooling, my social media platforms along with silence in the house due to husbands continuous work calls. 

But along with these problems, we all got few new opportunities too and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

“Every cloud has a silver lining!”

In the Year 2020, my husband took a leap of faith and finally decided to  move on and joined a new organization with bigger responsibilities. My son learnt to operate his tab all on his own, though I am still trying to figure out if it would fall under category of threat or opportunity 😉

In the Year 2020, my first ebook was published on Amazon Kindle, which was not even on my wish list of wildest dream, but with help and motivation of Blogchatter it became a reality and a success.

In the Year 2020, my focus on self-learning enhanced and got myself enrolled in few online courses and earned certificates of completion 🙂

Here Are the Biggest Events of 2020 to Keep an Eye On - Billetto Blog

In the Year 2020, my blog and Instagram page also grew , created some good content and managed to get some brand collaborations as well.

In the Year 2020, I managed to cook every meal myself, every single day for almost 6 months, phew, it was exhausting yet fulfilling. This might not be a great deal for many, but it is for me.

In the Year 2020, we all accepted the fact that life is unpredictable, so live in the moment, don’t miss any opportunity that crosses your way, don’t forget to be grateful and thankful!!

Let’s start 2021 with more hopes in our hearts, with more gratitude in our habit, with more kindness in our lives.

Let’s pray for a better 2021

‘This blog post is a part of the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.’

21 thoughts on “2020- Year of Human Evolution

  1. Lovely writeup, Kinshoo! Your reflection on the year 2020 resonates with many of us.
    “Let’s start 2021 with more hopes in our hearts, with more gratitude in our habit, with more kindness in our lives.” Beautiful!

  2. This year had so many shades, good, surprising, unexpected, eventful, hectic and the list will continue.. but the main essence has been acceptability. We have to accept a situation if we can’t do anything about it.
    My best wishes for you for the year to come..

  3. Nice to read on how you turned around the year to a positive note dear. We sure need to learn living in the moment and make maximum of it. Kudos to your new learnings and new initiatives that you took. Keep the good work going. Wish you too a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021😊

  4. Kinshoo I loved how you portrayed every household responsibility with graceful words. Cooking meals and spending time with son are two adorable activities that help you to be sane in this chaos. Loved to read the post and congrats for your book dear. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. Grateful to you. Wish you a great year ahead. Best wishes.

  5. Effectively managing a household with multi-dimensional responsibilities has really been a challenging task for most of us. Glad to know, you sailed through with a positive attitude.
    Wishing you the very best in the year 2021.

  6. How easy you made to look those difficult months. Lovely write and your son learning the tab would definitely be beneficial.
    Wish you a wonderful and successful 2021 as well.

  7. 2020 might have restricted us from many of our favorite things but it has also taught us many new things that we will cherish forever. It has taught us to be in the present. Lets hope, 2021 will bring new brightness and smiles in our lives.

  8. The year taught all of us a lot. Isnt it ..well operating tab is just the beginning.. be ready for the threats that follow. Every parents nightmare 😆. Your post reflected positivity. Lovely read.

  9. I loved the positivity that oozes out of your post, Kinshoo. 2020 has really been a very very difficult year but it has also taught us resilience and how to be kind and grateful. Hats off to you for managing myriad responsibilities with so much conviction and dedication and being at your creative best !

  10. The year has definitely helped us evolve despite the tough times. Kudos to you and your family for each of your individual milestones reached in the last year! It’s surely a reason to celebrate. Wishing you a wonderful 2021, Kinshoo!

  11. That’s so true Kinshoo 2020 would not been a year to be remembered in many ways, but also a year that made us learn so many things out of our comfort zone. I can totally resonate with your situation handling everything being a lady of a house. Hoping all the best things to come in way in this new year!

  12. Every cloud has a silver lining. True that! This year was a huge dark cloud but there were many silver linings to it as well. We all got to introspect some more and I hope the learnings of this year do carry on.

  13. Phew!! A lot happen in your past year… congratulations again on your first ebook… it is really great that you manage things so well… best of luck for your future endeavours…

  14. I’m so glad you conquered your own limitations and fulfilled multitude goals splendidly!! Your positive 2020 notes, accomplishments and the Hope for promising future was a treat to read!! My bestest wishes to your whole family for a sparkling 2021❤️🤗

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