If you have a pack of wet wipes in your purse, then you definitely are a parent.

I had never used wipes in my life, until I became a mom, and ever since this boy came, i have never lived without baby wipes.

Anytime you might have to clean poop, or messy tiny face, hands and feet; sometimes even your own hands need clean-up. With small babies, anytime it can be emergency situation. Like poop emergency or just like that when baby decides to play with food or feed the table first. Or plans on getting a makeover with mom’s make up kit or colors.

I mean unexpected happens where there are babies. Our life is comparatively easier than our parents, thanks to diapers and wet wipes. And we can travel and go anywhere even with infants and toddlers, without having to worry too much.

#momlife changes us, doesn’t it! And somehow with #motherhood begins the hunt for the safest products. Trial and error is a conventional method. But we can’t experiment with little ones. And make a conscious informed choice.

On one hand diapers and wet wipes make life easy, however on other hand their biodegradable factor raises concerns. We can’t be short-sighted and neglect the nature to facilitate our convenience.

Diapers and wet wipes are a danger to environment because they take decades to decompose.

We can’t stop learning because of the fear of mess

With markets, flooding with perfumed and scented wet wipes, it’s important to choose safest and biodegradable wet wipes for your baby and nature. Since conventional wet wipes can take 10+ years to decompose, the biodegradable and eco-friendly wet wipes are more sustainable options and definitely recommended.

Few points we need to consider before buying wet wipes –

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Alcohol free
  • No fragrance or perfume
  • Biodegradable 
  • Safe for sensitive skin

Here is a useful list of such eco-friendly baby-safe wet wipes available in the market currently.

Mother Sparsh Unscented (99%) Water Wipes

I am happy and satisfied to have found plant-based pure water baby wipes by Mother sparsh .

✔ 99% pure water- based baby wipes – using these wipes to clean baby’s bottoms will be equivalent to cleaning with water

✔ cotton soft fabric – so no risk of drying the soft skin

✔ extra thicker than regular wipes so doesn’t tear off easily

✔ safe for baby’s skin & sensitive skin and clinically examined to prevent rashes

✔ unscented / fragrance free – minimising risk of skin irritation

✔ eco-friendly/ 100% biodegradable – safe for nature

✔ not too pricey, value for money

Mothersparsh Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes

Plant-derived medical grade wet wipes are better than polyester based wet wipes. These are dermatologically tested to be safer for baby’s sensitive and delicate skin as well as safe for mother nature.

Sometimes thin wipes just break off while cleaning and in return creating more mess. Mother Sparsh wipes are comparatively thicker.

I have used Mother Sparsh baby wipes and these didn’t cause any dryness or rashes. Mother Sparsh wipes are easily available on Amazon, Firstcry, Flipkart etc. Online platforms.

Mother Sparsh Unscented (99%) Pure Water Baby Wipes are highly recommended being free from harsh chemicals and 99% water based, they are easily biodegradable.

Bambo Wet Wipes

Bambo wet wipes are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo. These natural wet wipes break down after being out of packet naturally and so are

✔ 100% biodegradable and the new packaging reduces plastic in both lid and foil. Bamboo is better and eco-friendly than the plastic.

✔ Since no perfume or color is added, Bambo wipes are safe for skin and gentle on baby’s soft skin. Added Perfumes in bay products are generally reported to cause skin allergies and irritation or rashes in infants. 

Bambo Natural baby wipes are made with organic ingredients Bamboo and decompose quicker than conventional wipes. These wipes are easily available on Amazon, Firstcry, Flipkart, Mybabybabbles etc. Online platforms.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

Himalaya Baby wipes are made of Indian lotus and aloe vera extracts which made them approved for baby’s skin. Absence of harsh chemicals do not cause any dryness or rashes. Aloe vera is added in these wipes which keeps baby’s skin moisturised and soft. These wipes do not contain alcohol, sulphates or parabens and so are completely safe to use for babies and infants.

These wipes are non-toxic, anti-bacterial and avoid chances of infections. However the biodegradable and eco-friendly factors of Himalaya wipes are not mentioned or yet determined.

Presently there are numerous choices of baby wipes available claiming different things, however as a parent and responsible human being, make an informed choice and choose eco-friendly baby-friendly option. For me, it is Mothersparsh’s Unscented (99%) Pure Water Baby Wipes, safe for my son and nature. Being 99% pure water-based and biodegradable make it my top choice.

Some products become essential for living but we still can choose the ones that safegaurd precious babies and mother nature both. Thanks for some brands who have started being more considerate about their carbon footprint and eco-friendly products. Such brands definitely need pat-on-the-back for introducing efficient and quality products in our life. 

Hope this article helps you choose what’s best for your child and his child (being foresighted). 

Enjoy Motherhood!

Be conscious about your choices!

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  1. I appreciate the recommendation for safe and biodegradable wet wipes for babies. It’s important to choose eco-friendly options for our little ones. Thanks for sharing!

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