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India is a land of festivals. Same festival is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. One of the most colorful fun spring festival celebrated in India is HOLI.

This post includes:

  • What is Holi?
  • Why is it important to involve kids in festival celebrations?
  • How to encourage kids towards festival celebrations?
  • Story behind Holi
  • How Holi is Celebrated?
  • Holi Greeting Card
  • Science Experiment for Holi
  • Holi Photos
  • Children Books on Holi

What is Holi?

HOLI is a joyful Hindu festival of colors celebrated across India. It’s celebrated at the start of spring, in the month of Phalgun, with joy and happiness and blossoming of love, marking the end of winter and victory of good over evil.

We all love and try to pass on our knowledge and heritage of our rich culture and festivals to our kids and so to upcoming generations. It is crucial to preserve our history and roots.

Why is it important to involve kids in festival celebrations?

However, with families moving apart and across the globe for better future prospects, the ways of celebrating festivals are changing and customized accordingly. Like, now the communities celebrate Holi over the weekends as they can’t play with colors during the week-days and can;t afford to miss school and work.

How to encourage kids towards festival celebrations?

The best way to introduce the importance of festivals and their relevance to kids is by narrating to them the stories related to the festivities and involving them in the preparations of sweets and puja and celebrations. Making kids do important work or giving them responsibilities is one of the most effective proven way of elevating their spirits.

Another better way of getting kids excited about the festivals is by encouraging them by creating related crafts and doing some fun activities with them.

So here I am offering a set of FREE PRINTABLE HOLI ACTIVITIES to introduce the colorful festival to your kids and get them all pumped up to celebrate Holi.


Just Download from link below (in orange box), take print and hand-over to the kid with some colors and let enjoy the festival of colors and paint his world with love.

Age: 4+

Story behind Holi

While doing the activities with them, do tell them the story of Bhakt Prahlad and Holika, the story behind Holika Dahan & Holi celebrations. Also emphasize how Prahlad’s honesty and dedication impressed Lord Vishnu and he took Narsimha avatar to kill Prahlad’s evil father Hirankashyapu.

How Holi is Celebrated?

First day is Holika Dahan, which is a bonfire night and we celebrate the end of evil with the fire. Next day is the 

Holi Greeting card

The set also includes a HOLI GREETING CARD which can be colored in multiple ways like: 

  • Coloring with sponge or foam piece
  • Coloring with q-tips
  • Coloring with bubblewrap
  • Coloring with bottle caps
  • Coloring with pom-poms

Just dip any of the above in different poster/water/acrylic colors and create colorful greetings card for friends, teachers and family.

Or just simply color with crayons or pencil colors or sketch pens or water colors or just use colorful stamps or colorful paper bits.

You can also use glitter pens or glitter glue or shining glittery paper to stick as pichkari (water gun) and colorful water splashes and create a wonderful Holi Greeting Card for teachers.

Encourage the kids to prepare Greetings Cards for every festival to share with friends.


Science Experiment for Holi

Since Holi is a festival of  colors, let’s perform a fun science experiment with explosion of colors in milk.


  • Milk
  • Food colors
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • q-tip

Here is a video of us performing the Magic Milk Experiment.

Holi Photos

As a Holi Gift from my side, including a colorful photo backdrop to stick your beautiful Holi celebration family picture to make the festival more memorable.

Take a print out of this colorful photo backdrop and stick any of your favorite or funniest or not-so perfect photo – which will remind you and your family of the cheerful together family celebration times.

Click on the picture below to download the Holi Photo Backdrop.

Holi Photo BackDrop

Children Books on Holi

Reading with kids about cultures and festivals and religions is the best way to enhance knowledge and emphasize the importance of rituals and few children books are recommended below.

The Holi book in Hindi “Amma Tell Me About Holi: Amma Kahe Holi Kahani” is a paperback book by an Indian author. And the other one Stories, Festivals &Mythologies of India is a kindle edition of the book.

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