DIY Jungle Theme Party

PARTIES are always fun and kids are the best at enjoying a party. Ofcourse they need not worry about the decoration, food, gifts, guests ๐Ÿ˜‰ …. and they never get tired of dancing, jumping, running around…. phew!!

A Little


Never Hurts


A party can be made more fun by setting a theme for it.

Actually choosing a theme just makes it easy to narrow down options on party decor, cake design and return favors… making life little easy.

However, hiring a professional event coordinator can empty our pockets. But like I always  say – “Why buy when you can DIY?”

By the way, 3rd birthday was Dinosaur Theme and 4th was a Rainbow Party. Grab FREE PRINTABLES for both.

And here it is, our another year’s themed birthday party – JUNGLE PARTY.


Here is a snapshot of our DIY Jungle theme Birthday Party Decor which will give you few ideas for sure.

We chose a small party hall and didn’t have much space and time for setting up or doing too much themed decoration.

Basic Requirements:

  • Green Balloons (lots of)
  • Animal-shaped balloons
  • Animal picture balloons
  • Green leaves – plastic or chart paper
  • Green, yellow & Brown crepe paper stripes (for backdrop)
  • Cardboard tree
  • Animal face masks
  • Animal cupcake toppers
  • Animal stickers

I have designed few things/details on my own and check the FREE PRINTABLES, so it will be easier for you to plan a Jungle Themed Party with the easy printout.

The venue of our 5th Birthday Party was Bikanervala Restaurant, Abu Dhabi. The food was amazing and they did a fab job with the jungle themed cake. Totally loved the cute animals & trees on it.. a child even enjoyed eating snake ๐Ÿ˜‰ .ย 

Check their Zomato page here.

Jungle theme cake
Jungle cake

See those tiny lion and elephant sitting under the tree. The taste was great and not over sweet.

Jungle Party Decor
Jungle Party Decor

I used green and black balloons for backdrop and Used green and brown crepe papers to fill it. I have used different shades of green and brown crepe papers.

Few animal shaped balloons and animal printed balloons were also used. (Amazon Links given below*)

Now one picture with the birthday tiger…. ROARR…. !!

Jungle theme Party

Didn’t have time for more balloons..but I would suggest add more green balloons and just fill the backdrop with balloons and green crepe paper stripes. I got only 1 plastic leaves hanging, would suggest to add more according to space.

US – the tiger boy’s parents ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t wear green or yellow, else you would be camouflaged with decor ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Instead wear a contrast color like red or blue!!

The cake table had a green table cloth (actually it’s a bedsheet ;)) and few leaves & flowers are stuck on it.

DIY Welcome Cardboard Tree

These DIY Cardboard Trees were just last minute idea and are made from amazon delivery boxes. The leaves and the Welcome signage are cut from green chart paper and brown crepe paper strips rolled around the tree trunk.

And just stuck some green balloons to the base to hide the cardboard and give more green grass effect.

DIY Cardboard Tree

Will post a detailed post of DIY cardboard tree as well soon.

I got few foil animal balloons. These were sturdy and turned out to be adding perfect touch to my jungle party. Needless to say kids adored them.

I have ordered a st of 5 foil animal shape balloons from Amazon, links given below *.

These were strong and we brought these back home after the party and now they are beautifying the house as in picture below, still same after 1 month of the party.

Animal Theme Party
Animal Balloons

I have also ordered few animal printed balloons of different colors (link below*). 

Though I wanted to put them in a bunch, the staff had already stuck those at different places, so didn’t want to take them off.

Jungle Decor

These balloons have different animals printed all over and look amazing and definitely add beauty to the jungle.

SHOP NOW: (*Affiliate links- See disclosure)


I just love how Amazon has made our lives so easier and convenient, without having to go from shop-to-shop and get the best items at best prices.. one can just shop sitting at home and get everything delivered at doorstep..

Animal Face Masks and Cupcake toppers were highlights

Green table cloth for the cake table and few hanging leaves just gave the perfect jungle look.

The kids totally loved the theme and the cute little animals were looking super adorable with those pretty foam masks.

It’s a jungle out here!!

Got these Animal Foam Face Masks from a local shop but masks and headbands are available on Amazon as well (links above*).

How can my party end without some DIYs!

Created Jungle Juice tags and Thank you notes for the personal touch (and ofcourse the JUNGLE BIRTHDAY INVITE.

FREE PRINTABLES of the same and few more stuff will be uploaded soon. Stay Tuned!

DIY Jungle Party

Plus some animal stickers and paper leaves here and there, and our jungle is set!!

Did you like the DIY  Jungle Party decor?

Which part of the decor you liked the most?

Please share in comments.

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