With the innovation of advanced technology and the development of top educational applications, learning has been taken to another level. These applications have played a crucial job in bridging barrier among children and their teachers just as among children and their parents.

Kids are always searching for exciting and new ways to get education but what if you get them right into your hands?

The smart child of today learns quickly from the apps and shows extensive progress as well. The following is a list of the 5 best apps for kids to learn latest technology.

1) Duolingo:

Learning a foreign language isn’t as simple as it appears. With the Duolingo application, your kid can learn dialects like Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Irish, Italian and furthermore English.

This application is an extraordinary alternative for your child to become familiar with an unknown language. You can download the application for nothing and utilize the same application each time for any language you wish to learn.

Learning from the specific application is extremely a good time for the children to up to date with current technology.

2) Class-dojo

When you are searching for ‘virtual classroom learning app for your children, there is no better application than ClassDojo. Parents, teachers, and students can cooperate with each other by means of this application.

For educational needs, kids can speak with their teachers and additionally can remain refreshed on the status of their kid’s education. The training of the kid is significance with this app.

3) DragonBox:

Teaching the basics in Math is no simple job, however this educational application is loaded with fun exercises to help kids with that. There are 5 learning applications for Mathematics altogether including those of geometry and polynomial math.

This application is famous because it helps children to learn Math ideas in the least difficult way and in the most fascinating ways. The ideas they learn remain forever in their minds. You can use this app for free.

4) Spelling Stage:

Spelling can be hard for some children. Spelling the words accurately may be a difficult thing for some children. With the Spelling Stage application, children will build up the enthusiasm of rehearsing spellings all alone.

There is a paid membership to the app, and it offers a wide scope of spellings and words according to various age groups. The application is incredible use for preschoolers as well as for adults.

5) Amazon Kindle:

Reading is a good habit, which is for all intents and purposes getting to be wiped out today. Until and if your kid understands, they won’t learn. Upgrade your kids reading skills with Amazon Kindle.

The eReader platform without much of a stretch can be downloaded to your mobiles. You will discover many child friendly books in the app, which are allowed to download.

Your kid will cherish reading and become fond of it, this application will help them significantly in improving their reading abilities in so many ways.


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Final Words:

Using these apps you can learn anything from anywhere and it’s a best thing about technology.


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We are already using Class Dojo for little one’s school and Amazon Kindle for  reading storybooks.

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28 thoughts on “5 Best Apps for Kids to Learn Latest Technology

  1. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t aware about the name of some following apps. I will check surely. I use Kindle occasionally for better learning. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Amazon Kindle is a best best to read and learn new words, new dictionary and also improve the pronunciation skills and language skills so I feel tho five different but yet so useful things which you must have for

  3. Hi, that’s a very useful post by you considering that you have covered a good range of areas, whether it is Mathematics, English, Foreign Language or a virtual classroom connecting teachers, kids and parents. A nice compilation 🙂

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