Zoo crafts

ZOO is the most loved place that every child wants to visit and kids’ affection for animals is obvious. Making animal crafts is all time favorite and I think I have not met any child till date who doesn’t like animals – be it wild or domestic or farm animals.

Animal crafts offer so much variety and easy to make with paper or paper plates or tissue rolls or cardboard boxes Or just handprint and footprint. And we have tried a lot of them. One can practically create crafts with all the zoo animals.

Since we cant go to the zoo at the moment, let’s make craft a zoo craft at home. 


Absolutely easy to make a paper zoo and super fun.

Zoo Craft

Age: 4+

  • White paper sheet
  • Colors
  • Yarn threads
  • Glue
  • Animal stickers or drawn on paper

Zoo Craft
Step 1: Fold the sheet of paper from all 4 sides, as shown in picture

Step 2: Draw and color trees, grass, sky and the zoo frame as per choice. We  made a multicolored zoo

Step 3: Fold small pieces of paper multiple times and stick One side on base paper and Other side on the animal picture (ref pic above and below) – gives 3D effect to the zoo

Zoo Zoo

Step 4: Stick pieces of black yarn or thread from top to bottom as shown above and also stick a folded paper each side to give 3D effect

Tada… our Zoo is ready. Easy peasy right.


Hanging Snakes

Just cut rounds of the paper without separating it, color it and tie a thread at the center Of the snake body.

Zoo Zoo

Which type of snake do you prefer- Single colored or multi-colored?

Well either ways, it’s fun to scare people with a hanging snake.

Finger Puppets

Why not make Lion and elephant do as you say by making them dance on your fingers!


Take a print out or draw on paper and cut and punch holes at bottom to fix fingers in them.


Paper Plate Lion Mask

Zoo animals are both adorable and scary, so why not have some fun with the King of Jungle’s face mask.

Paper Plate Lion Mask

Lion is the popular choice among kids and they all love roaring around with Lion mask ON.
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Paper Plate Elephant

Learning alphabets with crafts is better way to remember and works for cognitive development as well.

Zoo craft

E for Elephant Made from One paper plate by cutting the ears and sticking the cutout part as trunk. And sticking googly eyes are our favorite part of any craft. 


Cardboard Elephant

Don’t we all love just fancy seeing the huge heavy trunk animal elephant!
Zoo Craft

I have used a rectangle shaped cookie box for his elephant and so didn’t have to Do much cutting. Just cut the ears and legs and stick a cut part of the box as trunk. Painted eyes and body. ..And viola!

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You can practically paint all animals using handprints and footprints. So why leave young toddlers behind. Let’s paint zoo animals with those tiny hands and feet.
Handprint Elephant and Giraffe

Make memories with those tiny handprints and some cute zoo animal crafts was well.

Zoo crafts Zoo crafts

Use any child-safe water colors for handprint and footprint crafts

Footprint Horse

Fast running neighing horses are treat to eyes. HavE you ever rode on a horse’s back?

Zoo crafts

Can u make out that it’s just a painted tiny foot?
Tip: Be quick and don’t let the paint dry. Hold child’s hand and foot firmly And wipe off immediately after taking impression.


Building blocks are most recommended toys for babies due to benefits like cognitive and sensory development along with logical thinking and creativity.


This zoo with building blocks was made by my 5 year old to shelter his giraffe and few other animals who were feeling left out.

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Zoo crafts

Reading and collecting useful books is a good habit. And I am happy to be back at my long-lost reading habit. 

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  1. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge!
    The finger puppets and the masks are calling my name- will do these with my son as soon as possible! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  2. Congratulations on completing the A to Z Kinshoo. All posts and ideas were amazing and this post like the others was great too. Thanks for sharing these posts specially in the times when we needed ideas to keep them busy. Thank you

  3. Congratulations Kinshoo on successful completion of A2Z Challenge, another set of creative crafts, after this challenge I am definitely going to try many of your posts ideas.

  4. Your series was really helpful and handy in the times when kids have no school and need to be kept away from screens. I am going to try zoo and puppets. Congratulations on completing AtoZ challenge.

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