DIY HOME DÉCOR is the best way to recycle and reuse those pretty shaped jam or olive glass bottles and add up to the classy interiors plus give your house a touch of yourself.

I love collecting differently shaped and colored olive oil, olives, jam, honey bottles etc. (yes! I am a hoarder). These make really beautiful home décor and also useful holders/stands for candles, make-up brushes, flower vase etc. – so decoration along with organization – win-win.

DIY – Recycle Glass Bottles into Glittery Lamps – in 10 minutes under 5$


Reuse Recycle and Go Green – minimize wastage!!

Nothing better than reusing old glass bottles and replacing them with plastic, and the best is to DIY into home decor or organizing stands or holders.

I had a small size odd-shaped circular type glass bottle which I turned (read recycled) into GLITTERY CANDLE STAND in just 10 minutes – with only 5 material – all under 5$.

Yupp you read it right!!

DIY Recycle Glass Bottle Lamp

I am a minimalist and honestly don’t like to empty bank accounts only for decorative pieces, unless until it is something extra-ordinary and something really worth the money. For regular home decor stuff, I feel – why buy when you can DIY??


  1. Glass bottle – any shape, preferably small size and wide mouth if going to put candle inside
  2. Glitter powder – any color – golden, silver, purple look the best – bought from local gift shop (no need for expensive stuff)
  3. White or Clear Glue
  4. Brush
  5. Embellishments, star – optional

All the material required doesn’t exceed $5, infact would be much lesser as the glass bottle is a used one and we are reusing it for decorative purposes. Rest items are always available at home, being a home of DIY mom and craft-loving son, especially glitters are our favorite.

Totally believe in reusing recycling and Do It Yourself with what’s easily available and not too pricey.

Watch this quick video for a better idea-


Step 1: Wash and clean the bottle. Remove sticker, if any, by soaking in hot soapy water

Step 2: Dry it completely- use tissue or towel

Step 3: Apply glue with brush all over except the front part, in case you wish to add embellishments there, else cover it all with glue.

In the video, I put a tape in front part as I thought of leaving it plain earlier, but added embellishments later.

Step 4: Quickly Sprinkle glitter powder all over the bottle evenly by rotating it steadily, before the glue dries

Step 5: Let Dry. May use hair dryer for quick drying

Step 6 (optional): Stick stars or embellishments using glue

Step 7: Drop a candle inside, light it, and relax in the glittery aromatic candlelight

Total Time Taken: 10 minutes

Cost Involved: Less than $5

DIY Recycle Glass Bottle Lamp

Place these on your bedside table or in the living room or dining table.

Perfect for romantic dinner dates 😉

Needless to say, I fell in love with these bottles, so much that I made one in golden, and one in silver glitter as well. Told you, this DIY is totally addictive.

DIY Recycle Glass Bottle Lamp


Gifted these handmade candles to friends – superb hand-made gift idea, right!

Now they will think of me whenever burn a candle in it 😉

The bottles of slightly bigger sizes or longer shapes can be used to storage purposes as well – like storing make-up brushes or stationary items. Will ad a plus-factor to the dressing or study table.

So, don’t throw any cute glass bottle next time or just use it to store nuts or spices. Zing it up, glitter it up and lighten up your room.



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59 thoughts on “DIY – Recycle Glass Bottles into Glittery Lamps

  1. If only the world knew how to recycle, we could save the earth. Thanks for sharing this glitter bottle.I am surely going to try. #wordsmithkaurreads #MyFriendAlexa #BlogChatter

  2. Loved this DIY post .They are so easy to make and looks so pretty . I am too a hoarder of glass bottles .Diwali is around the corner and these are definitely going to be my decorative lights .

  3. With Diwali round the corner, this is such a brilliant post to gift as well as light up our homes with fancy glass lamps. It’s fun and super quick too.
    #MyFriendAlexa #spoonsandsneakers

  4. These are some really fab ideas! I do a Diwali round up posts on my blog every year, with your permission can I link your post to my article? Do let me know!

  5. This is my favourite activity, haven’t tried glitter though. I have used all kinds of glass bottles from Nutella to Alcohol (for fairy lights). I’m a hoarder too, so hi-five!

  6. Oh what fun! I love DIYs and this is so amazing, especially with the festive season nearing. Thank you for sharing a simple DIY for me to try out.

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